Gold Detector Machine: Best Gold Detector

Best Gold Detector

Gold detector machine that receive the feedback by sending the signals which are considered as valuable by means of the signals it sends underground, are called detectors. The detectors usually transmit electromagnetic signals to the ground, indicating the feedback from these signals to the users.These instruments are generally used by treasure hunters and underground researchers. Search purposes are different according to detector types. The device types you use will vary depending on your search request. While a person who wants to search for gold should use a metal detector, people looking for different elements must use other types of devices.These detectors usually work with lithium batteries and batteries.

Gold Nugget Metal Detector

Gold detector machines have electronic structures with the return of the signals sent under the ground, they give information whether or not there is metal. In high voltage environments, they can generally deteriorate and show false signals. In general, it is appropriate not to use it in areas with high voltage lines. There are types by search depth. The search depth increases as the headlines grow. Some of gold detector show only metal, while others have decomposition. (Example: Gold, Silver, Bronze etc…) Their quality varies according to their brands and prices. For deep searches, the depth increases according to the width (volume) of the product sought. While conducting detailed researches, according to the characteristics of the devices, region, weather conditions and land structure are important factors for success. Some gold nugget metal detectors deteriorate in rainy conditions, while others can search even underwater metal detectors.

Working principle: Gold detector machine

The gold detectors are radio frequency devices. The coils on it form the receiving and transmitting part. When the electromagnetic wave produced in the transmitter encounters a metal, a current is induced on the metal (faraday currents – eddy currents). The current induced on this metal generates a magnetic wave, allowing current to flow through the receiving coil on the detector. The resulting signal is amplified with the aid of an amplifier, which gives a visual signal to the audio signal. Gold detector can search up to 12 meters depending on its power. The position of the coils on the detector heads must be well adjusted. As a result of faulty production, the coils detect each other and the detector malfunctions.There may be different perceptions in the magnetic field depending on the type and size of the metal, the larger the surface of the metal, the shorter the discovery time.  Some minerals in the soil may increase the conductivity of the soil and cause oxidation of the metals and decrease the metallicity of the metals. Natural gas, water pipelines, electrical cables can lead the detector to mis-detection.

Detector Types and Gold detector for Sale

 Low frequency oscillator detectors:They are the most commonly used gold detector type. There are two coils. Receiver and transmitter coils. Pulse frequency detector ; Mostly used for sensitive work. There is only one coil. The depth measuring range is wide. Salt water is used in mineral soils. The gold detector machine are also good metal detectors. There is not yet a type of detector that only detects gold. So to look for gold, you actually need a metal detector.Best Gold detector prices range from $ 150 to $ 250 thousand. According to their features such as being 3D-capable, taking images from underground and making dots, prices also change. Generally, the use of the detector starts with the adjustment of the detector to the land to be used. These settings are called ground settings.

Many auxiliary settings are available. They also help to adjust the ground correctly and properly. In the following stages, better results are aimed by introducing the balance of sensitivity, metal separation characteristics according to the type and characteristics of the detector. More detailed results are targeted with settings and stages such as visualized, deep, superficial, high minerals. Equipping the antenna with a larger number of sensors improves scan resolution and performance, while the quality of the antenna greatly affects the overall quality of the results you get from your gold detector scanner. Here are some detector samples:

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

This detector may be chosen to find iron objects and some kind of metal from gold coins. It is perceived by coin size up to 6 inches deep in the ground, And it is largely defined to a depth of 2 feet. It includes special headphones for using crowded places. It is used with 2 alcaline batteries  9v power. Its price is  $49,99.

Fisher Gold Bug Metal Detector

It is the lightest, small and best ergonomic device in the industry with 1/4 and 1/8 inch headphone jacks. There are 2 search modes that can completely discriminate metal, large LCD screen with 0-99 digital target identification indicator, large target excited depth reading and working signal strength indicator. It is a super sensitive device with 2 Ton VCO with computer assisted ground pickup and ground balance, continuous ground phase and ground mineralization reading. It’s price is $449.00

Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000

In this machine ; fully automatic operation, automatic noise canceling, automatic ground balance, automatic sensitivity, extra precise 45kHz VLF performance,2 waterproof search coils are available. You can use it as a gold nugget metal detector. With it’s $849.00.price, it is one of the best professional gold dedector in the world.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

It is an ideal and robust metal detector for detecting treasure in harsh ground conditions. Motion mode, discrimination mode and 2-Tone sound mode for all metals. Identification of objects larger than 3 meters is available. The preset ground balance neutralizes the response to mineral content in the ground. Disc / notch control distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals. It has a working frequency of 6.7 kHz. Its price is  $ 69.99.